Spring Travel Team Tryouts

Teams hosting tryouts for spring travel teams are listed below. The spring season runs April-May. Each tryout time slot is $15/each. There is no pre-registration for tryouts. All prior seasons player fees must be paid in full in order to tryout. All requests to “play up” must be emailed to mmanko@sylvaniatamoshanter.com prior to tryouts. Tryouts for all fall 2020-21 travel teams will be held in May 2020… schedule coming soon.

3/11/20207:50 PM13U2007Tam ORink One
3/12/20208:00 PM11U2009Tam ORink One
3/16/20205:30 PM7U2013Tam ORink One
3/16/20206:45 PM10U2010Tam ORink One
3/16/20208:00 PM12U (Borer)2008Tam ORink One
3/16/20208:00 PM13U2007Tam ORink Two – Buckeye Broadband
3/17/20206:00 PM7U2013Tam ORink Two – Buckeye Broadband
3/23/20206:00 PM12U (Borer)2008Tam ORink One
3/23/20207:15 PM11U2009Tam ORink One
3/26/20207:45 PM10U2010Tam ORink Two – Buckeye Broadband