Walleye Winterfest Hockey Tournament

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Friday, Feb 15 HPD Power Skating Clinic

Hockey has evolved in recent years to a faster and more skilled game.  If you cannot accelerate quickly this leaves you at a huge disadvantage at almost every level of the game.  Techniques used at this clinic will reinforce quick starts, crossovers, lateral movement and quick transitions.  Resisted skating sprints will be done using on ice training equipment like parachutes and bungees. 
Clinic is scheduled for Friday, February 15 from 6:00-6:50PM at Sylvania Tam-O-Shanter (Buckeye Broadband Rink). Cost is $30/player. 
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Equipment Questions for Beginners

Equipment Questions For Beginners

Hi everyone hope your hockey seasons are going well….

Equipment issues?

I get a lot of questions from hockey parents from time to time regarding various equipment issues. So I have decided to summarize and list to the best of my knowledge all the basic equipment needed in hopes to help out with the purchasing process of new or used equipment. As you will find out quickly buying hockey equipment is unfortunately not a one time expense. As your child grows and new “larger” equipment is required you will find prices dramatically increase in size as well. Also, to add to this expense, advances in equipment and other advertised so called “safety features” enable companies to raise prices and monopolize on supply and demand….

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2018-19 Stevenson Goaltender Development Program

Matt Stevenson was a passionate hockey goalie who died in a tragic car crash on June 24, 2011.  He loved the sport, the goalie position, and had his sights set on helping teach and develop young goaltenders.  In Matt’s memory, we have begun a GOALTENDER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM for the NW Ohio hockey community.  With the assistance of the Stevenson family, Sylvania Tam-O-Shanter, Mitch Korn, Shane Connelly, Jimmy Spratt, Josh Unice, Jeff Lerg and those who have donated to operate this program, we honor Matt’s memory.

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