Squirt 10U All-Star

10U Sylvania Maple Leaf All-Stars 2016-2017

Curtis Belli
Julian Jaume
Roman Juhnke
Keegan Mcvay
Peter Mooney III
Nicholas Pinkstaff
Troy Pisula
Jonathan Rove
Kenny Siwa
Mary Snyder
Ashton Sofo
Max St. Clair
Atreyu Timmons
Hugh  Wagoner
Nathan West
Coaching Staff
Ken Siwa kens@turnerelectricalservices.com Head Coach
Mike Pinkstaff mikepinkstaff@installfloors.net  Assistant Coach
Brian West
Don Pisula
Assistant Coach

You will need to make sure you click on the 10U All-Star League and then the 10U All-Star Team.

Please note the meeting scheduled for 9/28/2016 following the first practice.

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Mark Waddell
Hockey Director