HPD Body Contact Clinic

Among other checking and proper body contact positioning techniques learned at this HPD clinic, players will learn effectively to take a “head on collision” by lowering shoulder to chest avoiding making “head contact”.

Wednesday August 6th, 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Thursday August 7th, 5:00pm – 6:00pm                                        

Ages: 11 & Up                                                                                     

Cost: $60


Kids who play on ice hockey teams where body-checking is allowed are three times more likely to sustain a concussion and other severe injuries than those who play in non-checking leagues. Published data in today’s Journal of the American Medical Association suggest youth hockey teams would be better off avoiding play that allows players to knock opponents off the ice or into the boards.

“The evidence is significant that there is an increased risk of injury and concussion of young ice hockey players in body-checking leagues,” says Carolyn Emery, associate professor in the sport injury prevention research center at the University of Calgary in Alberta.          

                                                                             Mary Marty Brophy USA Today

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