HPD Summer Clinic Series

2014 Summer Clinics are here!!!…

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What makes HPD an elite development opportunity?

Over the years through hard work and dedication to the sport we have developed a true system in developing elite hockey players. We specialize in building a strong foundation for our youth players using power skating techniques that reinforce proper skating stride and being strong on edges. For older players on-ice development continues with reinforcing proper skating technique with added emphasis on strength and conditioning. The development process continues off the ice with HPD by teaching our youths how to properly and effectively train their cores. During our off ice sessions youth players learn why core strength is vital in hockey. They learn strengthening activities that enhance a players ability to change direction, take hits or make hits, and most importantly allow the body to bear greater loads and enhance the bodies ability to create external force. This comes into play when you push against the ice to take a strong and more explosive stride. Younger players at HPD start out with basic plyometric exercises creating a good foundation for transitioning into more complex strengthening activities at older ages.

Unfortunately, most coaches, programs and players fail to realize what type of work ethic and commitment reaching their potential in hockey takes. At HPD we are here to help provide you with not only the fundamentals but understanding the commitment it takes to get better at this game. In the end it will be up to you, the player, to decide whether or not this is something you wish to build your life around.

Hope to see you this summer!


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